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Dog Lovers Gold
The Original

Complete animal food for Dogs of All Ages

Contains Super Premium quality ingredients and a high content of animal proteins. 
Easily digestible and promotes good coat and skin condition. 
Formulated without added wheat, corn or soy! 

Hypoallergenic ingredients.


* Dried Chicken, Salmon, Dried Lamb and Dried Eggs

* No added Corn, Wheat and Soy!

* Hypo-Allergenic ingredients and Gluten Free Brown Rice

* Wholesome Selected Fruits and Vegetables

* Pure Salmon Oil, Chicken Fat and Flaxseeds for Omega 3 & 6  Fatty Acids, EPA/DHA for
  Flexible Joints, Glossy Coat  and Healthy Skin Condition

* Probiotics, Prebiotics and Chelated Minerals to Help Support the Immune System and
  maintain a Healthy Balance of Bacteria and Reducing Digestive Upsets

* Holistic Formula for All Life Stages; Puppies, Adults and Senior Dogs  

* No added Artificial Colours or Preservatives

* Naturally Preserved with Natural Antioxidant based on Rosemary, Vitamin E & C

* Superior Digestibility

* Great Taste - Dogs Love it !

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