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Dog Lovers Gold
Plant Power

Complete animal food for adult Dogs

This natural food is formulated on plant-based ingredients and therefore
contains no animal proteins or other products of animal origin.

No added corn, wheat or soy!

Plant Power contains all the important proteins, energy, vitamins and minerals that an adult dog needs.
Hypoallergenic composition without added gluten.

Easily digestible and promotes a beautifully shiny coat and good skin condition.
Contains sustainable ingredients and is formulated with respect for all animals and the environment.


* Formulated for adult Dogs of all breeds
* Complete protein profile suitable for dogs due to the unique combination of various vegetable protein sources
* High content of Peas, Rice protein and Pea protein
* Energizing Oats and Sweet Potato!
* Contains organic Coconut fat and organic Brewer's yeast
* Varied Vegetables and Fruits
* No added corn, wheat or soy!
* Very suitable for dogs with a 'sensitivity' to animal proteins
* Contains natural antioxidants based on Rosemary and mixed tocopherol
* Excellent digestibility
* Very tasty - Dogs love it!

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